Over my adventure I’ll start doing this. Here’s the story, he stands in that one place, doesn’t* react back, and only cuts that one ivy. Sooo, here is the first of many…
Bot or not?
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Whats everyone doing this double exp weekend? I’m gonna start with a tree run, doing some rc/smithing gold.
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After a 2 mile run and a killer leg work out I think I’m gonna relax and cape the rest of the night. Might be the last level of the day. We will see. 
My personal blog!


I’d prefer that this blog and that blog remainĀ separateĀ as far as questions and all of that stuff.

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toxic-werewolf asked:
yo if you go into the marines becareful dude, they are always the first one sent out which means they are the first ones to die. i almost decided to go to the marines but i want the air force now instead, much safer and more fun. think about other ones before marines since that actually is the most dangerous of all of the military forces

Thanks for lookin’ out for me man. I appreciate it. I’m only 16 so of course my mind could be different in 2 years, but as of right now I have my eyes set on the Marines. Thank you for your service.

Would anyone be interested in the link to my personal blog? A couple likes or asks or something and I’ll link it. =]

Personal info:

I’m 16

I’m enlisting in the Marines when I graduate High School

I’m dating an 18 year old and we’ve been together for 5 and a half months

I was raised in the south and I’m what most consider a country boy but I ain’t a dumb redneck or an “inbred” hillbilly

I’m terrible at math

I work out daily

The Marines has always been my goal, but a Navy SEAL looks good too, and if I can possibly qualify for BUD/s I might consider trying it out

I’m friendly

I’ve played Runescape for 7 years

I don’t try to impress anyone and I live life for me, you only live once, but if you do it right once is all you need. =]

Almost missed this screenshot. Only level of the day. Had school and hung out with my girlfriend all day. 
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2nd level so far today and the last. Hittin’ the hay. Goodnight #runescape!